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3D Orthopedic Reconstruction and Development


In the field of orthopedic surgery, 3D printing implants and instrumentation can be used to address a variety of pathologies that would otherwise be challenging to manage with products made from traditional subtractive manufacturing. Furthermore, 3D bio printing has significantly impacted bone and cartilage restoration procedures and has the potential to completely transform how we treat patients with debilitating musculoskeletal injuries.
This review outlines the basics of 3D printing technology and its current applications in orthopedic surgery and ends with a brief summary of 3D bio printing and its potential future impact. With compatible software and appropriate materials, consumers can witness the transformation from starting material to finished product of their own designs.
Three-dimensional printed anatomic models are commonly used in preoperative planning and have become a useful educational tool for patient instruction and trainee teaching. For many orthopedic procedures, including arthroplasty and complex reconstructions, the use of 3D-printed patient-specific instrumentation (PSI) has become commonplace. The excitement around 3D printing continues to build as the fusion of 3D printing and biomedical science has shown early promise.

Project Team

Mridula R, N Varsha, Sanjana Bhat, Shravya M
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr.L.Vijayashree, Mrs.Keerthi Kulkarni
B N M Institute of Technology
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