Dr. L. Vijayashree

Chief- Coordinator- New Gen IEDC, DST, Govt. of India, BNMIT

DESIGN MIND IN ME: Mentor by Passion, Professor by Profession.

Harvard certification in Innovation & Design Thinking. I created and put into action a course on design thinking for students studying management and engineering.

IPRs: Design patent grants for a portable wind turbine, a solar-powered refrigerator vending cart, and a smart bench. Copyright granted to the Smart Yoga Instructor gadget.

80 National Research Papers and International Journal Articles are published in books and journals. Delivered research papers and received medals for best paper at international conferences in India and other countries. Additionally affiliated with BoS, BoE-VTU University, Advisor-Gopalan Skill Academy, Advisor & Trainer-Fiscal Policy Institute, GoI, and Member-FKCCI MANTHAN.
Dr. Vijayashree

Grants from the Entrepreneurship Development Cell: The mission of the ED-Cell is to inspire, direct, and mentor members of the E-cell toward entrepreneurship and to launch five new businesses annually.

As Chief Coordinator I received the following Government Grants:
1. Mentor -Mentee Scheme Grants-2023-24: Received Rs. 2.25 Lakhs for being in the Innovation ecosystem for the past 4 years and to mentor 5 other institutions on the same grounds.
2. DST – NewGen IEDC ( New Generation Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Centre) 2017- 2023 – INR 2,87,50,000/- for students’ project prototype development.
3. DST – NIMAT(National Implementing and Monitoring Agency for Training) Project INR 3,40,000/- , (2017-18,2018-19, 2015-16)
4. DST – NIDHI Project 2018– 2019 – INR 10,00,000/-

My Ph.D. Guidance:
3 scholars – Awarded Doctorates, 2 Scholars – Viva Vice stage, 2 Scholars – Pre Comprehensive Stage
Areas of thesis: Stress, E-Governance and change management, Leadership, Role Efficacy, Attitude and Locus of control areas.

I serve on the editorial boards of the following journals:
Serving as an assistant editor for Mustang Journal of Law and Legal Studies, USA; member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Social Science Research, USA; member of the scientific technical committee and board for arts, management, and social sciences at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand; reviewers committee for the International Journal of Human Resource Management, FOREX – Technical Journal, and CMS Journal of Management – India in addition to serving as an advisory editor for these publications.

Skills: Research, Mentoring, Persuasion, Storytelling, Networking, Personal Branding, Negotiation, Design Thinking, and Communication.

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