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The Clean and Green Technology Center of Excellence is a hub for innovation and collaboration, dedicated to accelerating the development and implementation of clean technologies for a greener tomorrow. We are committed to:

  • Pioneering advancements: Our team of experts is constantly exploring new frontiers in clean and green technologies, from renewable energy and resource efficiency to sustainable materials and pollution reduction.
  • Fostering collaboration: We bring together researchers, industry leaders, policymakers, and the public to share knowledge, develop solutions, and drive real-world change.
  • Equipping the future workforce: We offer educational programs and training to equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge needed to build a sustainable future.

Areas of Concentration

The Areas of concentration in this Healthcare Technology with respect to Students Projects, Internships, Consultancy, Faculty Development Program, Skill Development Program, and Management Development Program

Bio Fuels

Green Building

Wind Energy Management

Pollution Management

Sanctioned Projects

Sl. NoTitleProject PageFiled PatentGranted Startup
1Detachable Smart FaucetClick here
2Automatic Waste SegregatorClick here
3Smart Water Purification Using Bio AdsorbantClick here
4Efficient Drip Irrigation System using IOT sync to Web ServerClick here
5Human Energy Harnessing using BicycleClick here
6Wind Injection TurbineClick here
7PLECOClick here
8TrashbotClick here
9Solar Smart BenchClick here
10Solar-Powered Vaccine RefrigeratorClick here
11Money BinClick here
12Fire DireClick here
13Smart Dustbin with Automatic Segregation and CollectionClick here
14Wet Waste Management Unit for householdsClick here
15Organic Waste ConverterClick here
16Biodegradable Super Absorbent And Absorbent Articles thereofClick here
17PushkartClick here
18CO2 ScrubberClick here
19Low Wind Velocity Turbine for Domestic PurposeClick here
20Design and Fabrication of Eco-Friendly Device for CO2 AdsorptionClick here
21Design and Development of a Bio Catalytic Devise for Air Pollutant AdsorptionClick here
22Design and Development of a Compact Waste Shredder MachineClick here
23AgrotonaClick here
24Development of a robot to collect oil from ocean surfaceClick here
25Agrowaste biochar impregnated with nano particles for water purificationClick here
26Environmental protect by tracking emission test on registered vehiclesClick here
27Automated Lawn Mower robotClick here
28To Implement Site Specific Soil Nutrients Management System for Fertilizer RecommendationsClick here
29Design and Development of Automobile Exhaust Purification DeviceClick here
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