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Low Wind Velocity Turbine for Domestic Purpose


Convergence between Economy, Ecology and Energy should be defined for a sustainable future. The availability and the ability to utilize energy in its various forms, is an attribute that man-kind has developed over the years. Humans are in constant need of energy and this demand is only increasing by the day. With the increasing demand for energy, renewable sources of energy have become a viable alternative to meet the global energy demand.
In this project we have designed a portable, compact and light weight wind turbine which can be used to power auxiliary devices, charge devices such as power banks, mobiles, Bluetooth speakers and other less power consuming devices. The designed turbine is modular and is simple in installation, set-up and maintenance.
This system of portable wind turbines designed for mounting on vehicles can be used to generate power sufficient enough to charging of auxiliary devices operating at voltage ranges of 5-12 V. This can contribute in taking steps towards creating a sustainable future and utilizing the untapped wind energy to generate electric power.

Project Team

Omkar N Kashyap, Aditya Sunku
Mechanical Engineering


Dr. D. Shivlingappa, Dr.L.Vijayashree
B N M Institute of Technology
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