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B N M Institute of Technology


A remarkable milestone at BNMIT was achieved by the inauguration of Center of Excellence in AR and VR Technologies. The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Sri. Hitesh Garg, VP and India Country Manager of NXP Semiconductors, who officially opened the doors to this groundbreaking initiative. 

The inauguration saw Mr.Garg experiencing firsthand the incredible AR and VR consoles designed for immersive learning and exploration.

This Center of Excellence stands as a testament to BNMIT’s dedication to pioneering new teaching and learning methodologies.

Sanctioned Projects

Sl. NoTitleProject PageFiled PatentGranted Startup
1Oculographic System for Motor Neuron Disease Patient for Communication Click here
2Assistive technology for intellectually disabled and physically challenged peopleClick hereStartup
3Foot Pressure Sensor for Physiotherapy ApplicationsClick here
4Neural Network Based Object Recognition System Using Stereo ImagesClick hereFiled patentGranted patent
5Digital Oratory solutions using NLP and Neural Networks Click here
6I-Kshana : Remote and real time monitoring system for people in need of special careClick here
7Predicting Seizure onset with intracranial electroencephalogram (EEG) data Click here
8Interactive bot for geriatric healthcare using natural language processing and neural networks (Health Bot) Click here
9Development of technique to estimate the correctness of yoga postureClick hereFiled patent
10TAGALONG- An Assistive Device for Alzheimer Patients Click here
11Wireless Robotic Arm Click here
12Brain Computer Interface Robotic Arm Click hereFiled patent
133D Orthopedic Reconstruction and DevelopmentClick here
14Lifi - Blind Indoor Navigation System For Visually Impaired PeopleClick here
15Raspberry Pi based SOP Monitoring during COVID-19Click here
16Autonomous Ariel Medical AssistanceClick here
17Jacket for Mobility aid to Blind peopleClick here
18Brain Wave Monitoring SystemClick here
19Development of a Low-Cost VentilatorClick here
20LungxometerClick here
21LifelineClick here
22Balance MateClick hereStartup
23Detection of Neuro Degenerative Diseases Using Handwriting Analysis Click here
24SatvaKharaClick here
25Vibhuthi Vending MachineClick here
26Indigenously built Prosthetic Arm using 3D printerClick hereStartup
27Development and Fabrication of a Mechanically Actuated 3Way Medical Laboratory CentrifugeClick here
28Easy FootClick here
29Thermosiphon Water Purification SystemClick here
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