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I-Kshana : Remote and real time monitoring system for people in need of special care


The project IKSHANA mainly deals with helping the children who need to be monitored continuously. This real time monitoring system will monitor the mental health of children and elderly and also determine their vitals and provide them the necessary help. It is mainly designed to help the specially abled kids who should be under constant watch. If they are left alone, they can damage things and harm themselves to seek attention of their guardians. Hence, if they are continuously monitored by use of camera and AI when they start to act aggressively.
Parents can look after their kids or even elder people who require continuous monitoring. Their health report will be automatically sent to concerned doctor so that they can track their health. There is also provision of video monitoring so that parents or care givers can talk and calm them down. Cloud storage involves stashing data on hardware in a remote physical location, which can be accessed from any device.
Cloud storage systems generally encompass hundreds of data servers linked together by a master control server, but the simplest system might involve just one. The AI-enabled device in this can measure movements, sleep patterns, and vital signs of the patient. What is unique about the device is that it radiates about a thousand times less radiation than from a mobile phone thus can be extremely user and health friendly.

Project Team

Akshatha Pramod, Bhoomika M U, Deeksha R, Fauziah Batool I
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. Chaitra N
B N M Institute of Technology
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