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The future is electric, and BNMIT is leading the charge with our state-of-the-art Center of Excellence
in EV technology. With the support of New Gen IEDC, Department of Science and Technology,
Government of India, our students will gain the skills and knowledge they need to power the future.
The Centre of Excellence for EVs will create a ecosystem for Sustainable Mobility Solution. Solar-Powered
Vehicles are also a part of the centre’s focus, which utilizes energy from the sun through
solar panels to convert sunlight into electrical energy. This is a sustainable and
environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors are other areas of
expertise at the Centre of Excellence for Electric Vehicles. Lithium-ion batteries are used as
a power source in various applications, including electric vehicles, while BLDC motors are
widely used in electric vehicles due to their high efficiency and reliability.

Areas of Concentration

The Areas of concentration in this EV Technology with respect to Students Projects, Internships, Consultancy, Faculty Development Program, Skill Development Program, and Management Development Program

Battery Design

Design of Autonomous Car

Vehicle Controller using FPGA Controller

Smart EV Charging station

Autonomous Wheelchair​

Sanctioned Projects

Sl. NoTitleProject PageFiled PatentGranted Startup
1Fuzzy Logic Electric TrikeClick hereFiled patentStartup
2I-Chakra [Intelligent Electric Car]Click here
3Smart Battery Management System for Electric VehiclesClick here
4Electro-LiteClick here
5IOT based EV Bike Charging Station using Solar PanelsClick here
6Smart Electrical Bi-CycleClick here
7Electric Wheel ChairClick here
8Design and Development of three Wheeled E Cycle (Cyclopack)Click here
9High Precision CNC MachineClick here
10Design and Development of Solar powered refrigerated cart using compressorClick hereFiled patentGranted patent
11Design and Fabrication of Regenerative foldable E-BikeClick here
12Complex model based estimation of State of Charge for BatteriesClick here
13Design of 1 kW closed loop flywheel generatorClick here
14IOT Charging stationClick here
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