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Design of 1 kW closed loop flywheel generator

Design of 1 kW closed loop flywheel generator

The project deals with the design and development of closed loop flywheel generator to generate power up to 1 kW. The mechanical power is fed to the flywheel by connecting lower power rating AC motor with intervals to regulate the speed of the flywheel. Electrical power is generated using generator coupled to flywheel to which load can be connected.

Why this project? The project can be designed to generate huge power using flywheel that stores kinetic energy in mechanical form

Expected outcome : Huge electrical power generation. The same technique can be adopted for various mechanical loadings.

Benefits : Electrical power generation, UPS, micro/macro power generators, mechanical loadings such as for blowers, Grinders, blenders, etc.

Project Team

Kruthik L, R Benny David, Vaibhav patil
Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Dr. Venkatesha K
B N M Institute of Technology
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