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Wireless Robotic Arm


Challenges faced by the people with the disabilities or problems of not having a limb are either birth anomaly or a very unfortunate accident which the person faced. The primary motivation for doing this project was to understand and realize the challenges faced by the people with these problems. This project aims to develop a prosthetic-arm which should be same as human hand that is with five fingers which is done using foam. Aurdino Uno is used along with SG-90 servo motor.
The fingers are controlled by the servo motors using a thin metallic string whose one end is connected to the finger and the other end to the motor. NRF24L01 module is used to make a wireless communication between two Arduino boards. This component is then connected to Arduino Uno using jumper wires and a battery is used to run this setup. Now a module is made to control the Prosthetic arm. A glove is used on which flex sensors are placed. These flex sensors are connected to another Arduino Uno. Another NRF24L01 module is used which acts as a transmitter in this case to communicate with the one present in the prosthetic arm. Arduino IDE with necessary supporting files is used. The code developed is used to program the microcontroller on the Aurdino board for controlling the motors based on sensors’ input.
When fingers are bent on the transmitter glove, the resistance of the flex sensor increases and this information is sent to the Aurdino which is transmitted to the receiving end using NRF24L01. The Aurdino of the prosthetic arm receives the information and the signal drives the corresponding servo motor to rotate to desired angle resulting in the movement of the fingers of the prosthetic arm.

Project Team

Fawaz Khan, Giridhar S Benkipur, Darshan N Divakar
Electronics and Communication Engineering 


Dr. Rekha P
B N M Institute of Technology
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