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Development of a Low-Cost Ventilator


The goal of our project is to make ventilators readily available, compact and cost effective to support the overstretched healthcare system and reduce the impact of the pandemic. Assessing the readiness of promising technologies, the design of the ventilator is less complicated with fewer valve controls.
The reduction on costly sensors and valves makes it effective at mitigating the budgetary needs, making it best suited for helping patients from secluded / remote areas. The Control unit of the pneumatic system uses a buck (DC-DC) converter, driven by PWM pulses with a set duty cycle in the micro controller (Aurdino). The I:E ratios are to be set before administering the ventilator. Doctors usually after assessing the patients set these parameters as per requirements.

Project Team

B Sanjeev, Harsha G Math, Punith Dinesh, Sanjana G Adiga
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. Venkatesha K
B N M Institute of Technology
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