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Fire Drill procedure in VR


To help buildings maintain their life safety and risk management programs during the pandemic virtual reality fire drills, is the latest addition to technology solutions. A complete photo-realistic model of the building’s interior, including the common areas on each floor, lobbies, and stairwells is built by the team. Then, using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, building occupants can:
• Leave their suite, locate stairwells and fire extinguishers and fire alarm pull stations
• Travel down all stairwells to their relocation floor and evacuate the building to their assembly area
• Learn to use emergency phones and other life safety devices
• Receive drill instruction from a firefighter
Several fire departments around the country have already approved the new technology as an acceptable alternative fire drill format during the pandemic, and most major-city departments are currently evaluating it.

Project Team

Suraj S H, Samarth R Gowda, Somaiah K M, Yashas R Rao
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering


Dr.Sejal SN, Dr. L. Vijayashree
B N M Institute of Technology
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