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Vibhuthi Vending Machine


There are vibhuthi containers in all the temples where the devotees need to pick it up using their hands. But due to the current COVID-19 pandemic any physical contact may lead to a risk of contracting the virus.
And in some situations even the priests distribute the vibhuthi physically which is again a risk and also usually the devotees tend to put the vibhuthi in corners of the surrounding as the amount distributed by the priests may be in large quantities Keeping in mind all the challenges, this project presents an effective and accurate way by using automatic contactless dispenser machine where the user doesn’t come in contact with anything and the amount of vibhuthi dispensed in consistent and in accurate quantities that is required.
The proposed hardware is an Ac to DC based dispenser device which will be dispense the given vibhuthi for the user using IR sensors and sends visual signals to the user.

Project Team

Chinmai L, Harshitha G
Information Science Engineering


Dr. L. Vijayashree
B N M Institute of Technology
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