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Detection of Neuro Degenerative Diseases Using Handwriting Analysis


Neuro Degenerative diseases deal with conditions that primarily affect the neurons in the human brain. When neurons become damaged or die, they cannot be replaced by the body. Neuro degenerative diseases are incurable and devilitating conditions that result in the progressive degeneration and or death of nerve cells. This often affects the fine motor skills of the diseased person.
Through this degeneration we unearth the possibilities of having the element or disease. Handwriting analysis or Graphology is a scientific method of identifying, evaluating and understanding personality through the strokes and patterns revealed by handwriting. As we all know, handwriting is the product of our fine motor skills. Modern neurology, for example, benefits from the interpretation of the graphic features of writing and drawing the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases and disorders. We examine how hand writing analysis can be used and has been used historically, as a methodological tool for the assessment of medical conditions. This project deals with an efficient way to detect the presence of neuro generative diseases through hand writing analysis.
This will not only reduces the task of going through multiple scans or medical checkups but will also help the doctors ensure his decision towards predicting a disease. This project works on a real time input basis, taking in handwriting & other neunary parameters through a writing pad & a specialized pen.

Project Team

Afeera Mehnaz, Raksha J Bhat, Sejal Jain, SumukhVenugopal
Information Science Engineering


Dr.S. Srividhya
B N M Institute of Technology
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