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Foot Pressure Sensor for Physiotherapy Applications


Foot plantar pressure is the pressure field that acts between the foot and the support surface during every day loco motor activities. Information derived from such pressure measures is important in gait and posture research for diagnosing lower limb problems, footwear designs, sport biomechanics, injury prevention and other applications. The project system is based on highly linear pressure sensors with no hysteresis.
The development of miniature, lightweight, and energy efficient circuit solutions for healthcare sensor applications is an increasingly important research focus given the rapid technological advances in healthcare monitoring equipment, micro fabrication processes and wireless communication. Feet provide the primary surface of interaction with the environment during locomotion.
Thus, it is important to diagnose the foot problems at an early stage for injury prevention, risk management and general well-being. One approach to measuring foot health, widely used in various applications, is examining foot plantar pressure characteristics. It is therefore, important that accurate and reliable foot plantar pressure measurement systems are developed.

Project Team

Ashith R C, Apoorva P.S
Electronics and Communication Engineering 


Dr. Chaitra N
B N M Institute of Technology
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