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Interactive bot for geriatric healthcare using natural language processing and neural networks (Health Bot)


We all encounter small accidents and injuries in our daily lives. Often, people fall sick with the change in season, particularly elderly people. Is it feasible and necessary to run to a doctor every time for a simple flu or an injury? We would say ‘NO’. But some measures have to be taken to treat these basic injuries and flu and identify its severity.
To deal with this problem, we have come up with an innovative solution of a bot which will help people to get all the first aid help they need and also get information about the probability of the diseases they might have. In this era, health monitoring devices are the need of the hour as there is an increase in diseases of different kinds. For certain diseases people have to visit the doctor as soon as possible and take treatment to stop it or slowdown from making more severe damage.
Conventionally when people fall sick, they try to be the doctor themselves and ignore their issue by swallowing few tablets to get rid of the ailment for the time being. To help people to get timely and proper diagnosis and help them to take more care about their health, we propose the idea of a health aid device.

Project Team

J Ajay Kumar, Deepali B Ksheersagar, Chethana Saligram, Gowri K S
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. Jyoti R Munavalli
B N M Institute of Technology
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