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ARVR Three-phase Induction Motor & Synchronous Generator


Synchronous generators are commonly used for variable speed wind turbine applications, due to their low rotational synchronous speeds that produce the voltage at grid frequency. Synchronous generators can be an appropriate selection for variable speed operation of wind turbines. They does not need a pitch control mechanism.
The pitch control mechanism increases the cost of the turbine and causes stress on turbine and generator. Synchronous generators in variable speed operation will generate variable voltage and variable frequency power.
Using an ARVR in this project we are trying to showcase the entire working of 3 phase Induction Motor and Synchronous Generator for the better understating of the subject in the visual manner.

Project Team

Akshay Bhaskar Nayak, Aditya S Chakravarthy, Sathvik G P, Shreyas S
Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Dr. Venkatesh K, Prof.Ashwini, Dr. Vijayashree L
B N M Institute of Technology
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