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Balance Mate


This project is based on weight distribution monitoring system, which consists of a small ankle wearable device that prevents unequal weight distribution in legs. The device consists of a skin sensitive low power vibration motor fitted inside the module. If the user favors one leg in standing and exerts more pressure on that leg, a real time alerting trigger signal or vibration is felt around the ankle of that leg prompting the user to correct his position and properly adjust the weight on both legs.
The module comes with an interactive and user friendly app that constantly tracks the user’s movement. The user can use the options provided in the app to connect to the device via Bluetooth after which the app continuously monitors the user’s movements. The app will also send alerts to the user if he has been sitting or standing at the same position for more than 15 minutes and will suggest movement.
The suggested users of this model are those individuals who are required to be standing or sitting for long periods like teachers, professors, industry workers and engineers. The model can also be used by anyone who like to correct their postures.

Project Team

Bramha. S. P., Chinmai. L, Abilesh. M, Akilesh. M
Information Science Engineering


Mrs.Madhura Prakash
B N M Institute of Technology
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