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Jacket for Mobility aid to Blind people


Visually impaired people face several challenges to accomplish everyday tasks, especially when attempting to have safe and independent mobility. Improving the mobility skills of visually impaired people may improve their ability to participate in society, enhancing their productivity, self-maintenance, leisure, and overall quality of life A smart jacket is designed by embedding the sensor on the jacket, that enables the user to detect an obstacle and safely navigate.
The prototype model has an accuracy of 98% for obstacle with in 200cm. The smart jacket requires low power hence can be used for real time navigation for visually impaired people. These results have important implications for developing wearable devices for the safe mobility of visually impaired people.

Project Team

Sachin B Jain, K Shashank Rao, Monali G Pawar
Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Dr. Kumar A, Prof. Priyashree
B N M Institute of Technology
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