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In this Project, we have developed a mobile application called “Lifeline ERV” in Android and iOS platforms. This app will be used to locate and dispatch the closest emergency response vehicle in case of an emergency, to the respective location.
The purpose of the application is to make the journey of the ambulance faster and smoother from the spot of accident to the nearest hospital. Lifeline ERV is an application in which the patient/helper can book the ambulance and track its live location. Each individual who uses the application can register and track the ambulance at every point.
This app has a unique feature of broadcasting the live location, (via a pop-up notification) of the ambulance to all the app users in its vicinity of 250m – 500m. After the completion of the ride to the nearest hospital, the user can submit the feedback for the service.

Project Team

Ankitha S, Raksha H, Namitha G, Daniel C Mathew
Computer Science Engineering


Smt.Sneha K, Smt.Manikantha
B N M Institute of Technology
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