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Assistive technology for intellectually disabled and physically challenged people


This project discusses various issues and challenges related to disability in India and emphasizes to strengthen health care and service to the disabled community. In a world where we have Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa and other voice assistive technologies, making the lives of normal people easier, we do not have any sort of such technology for people who are physically challenged or the temporary hospital inmates. Census report of 2011 (2016 updated) reveal that, 2.21% of the total Indian population are disabled. Putting that in numbers, 2.68 Crore people fall into the category.
Hospital inmates too do not have an assistance device to inform their needs to the nurse in charge. Here, we present an assistive technology in the form of an embedded system solely focused to help physically challenged people and hospital patients communicate with their assistant for assistance, with just a push of a button.
Upon pressing, the message is wirelessly transmitted to outside the room and is displayed on the TV. The same message will also be sent to the assistant in the form of a SMS in case he/she is not present in the vicinity of the TV, thereby ensuring that the services are not missed at any cost. The system uses ARM controller at the transmitter/user end and a Raspberry Pi at the receiver/assistant end. The wireless communication is achieved using zig-bee protocol.

Project Team

Tejas C, Tejashwini V
Electronics and Communication   Engineering


Dr. P. A. Vijaya, Prof. Chandrasekar
B N M Institute of Technology
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