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Automatic Waste Segregator

Waste management is becoming a hot topic in policy circles. Municipal governments, which are largely responsible for building and maintaining waste disposal networks, are keen to find ways of minimizing the cost of disposing of waste and the sheer amount of waste society products. Exposure to various hazardous wastes can affect human health, children being vulnerable to the pollutants. Direct dumping of untreated waste in rivers, seas, and lakes results in the accumulation of toxic substances in the food chain through the plants and animals that feed on it.
The main objective of this project is to design a system using Arm Cortex LPC2148 microcontroller for automatic segregating of waste at source and capable of cleaning. This project aims to design an automatic segregator bin which can segregate the waste at source that helps in reducing the time taken for processing, and segregation work done for large amounts of waste in the later stages. It includes different partitions for collection of different wastes using sensors, with a LCD display which updates the status of the bin. The bin uses a vacuum cleaning mechanism for cleaning purpose. The system uses IR sensor for obstacle detection. Moisture sensor is used to detect wet materials or wet wastes containing moisture elements. Metal sensor is used to detect the metal based on relay, i.e. if any metal waste is placed near to metal detector, the relay is turned on.
It is based on the principle of Electromagnetic induction. LCD display is used to display the status of the bin. Ultrasonic sensor estimates the distance of the obstacles in the front and sends message saying if the bin is full or not through GSM. This bin can be useful at places like offices, apartments, shopping malls etc. this system will be useful in making Waste Management in smart cities automated.

Project Team

Deeksha More E K, Divya S, Kalyani G, Gouthami R
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. P A Vijaya, Dr. P Rekha
B N M Institute of Technology
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