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Smart Dustbin with Automatic Segregation and Collection


The Internet of Things is trending with its ever expanding Eco-system of digital sensors, appliances and wearable smart devices. The growth of the world’s population, increasing urbanisation, rising standards of living, and rapid developments in technology have all contributed to an increase in both the amount and the variety of solid wastes generated by domestic, industrial and other related activities.
The traditional methods of waste collection are found very inefficient to handle the waste. Thus, development of smart solid waste management systems which will help us solve these problems to an extent. The main aim of the project is to build a system which automatically separates wet and dry based on moisture sensor as well as metallic sensor and collected in different bins.
Automatic Segregation will also simplify the process for pedestrians to identify the type of bin they need to throw the garbage in. The Waste Management system in smart cities with garbage bins will also have an ultrasonic sensor to sense the level of garbage along with GPS Module to get the real time location of bin. This helps in collecting the garbage in regular intervals by garbage collectors which is monitored by Android application.

Project Team

Aashritha L, Aditi B Prahalad, Akshay M S, Anusha B K
Computer Science Engineering


Ms. Manjushree K
B N M Institute of Technology
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