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Waste transportation is just as vital as waste separation, recycling, and other waste-related operations. Its transportation operation is quite important. It all begins with gathering it from various locations on the street. Because not all streets in several nations, including ours, are the same width, workers are paid to collect them in carts.
The majority of those recruited are women, who have trouble pushing this trolley up hills or for longer periods of time when it is fully loaded. This project will assist them in their work by electrifying the cart with a simpler and more user-friendly design in which the person’s sole responsibility is to stand on the cart and speed it, with no need to push the cart.
It not only minimizes the amount of work that must be done, but it also reduces the amount of time that must be spent on it. The cart is driven by a basic electric motor that is coupled to the axial rods and regulates the trolley’s movement. It can be implemented in gated communities, college campuses, and shopping malls, among other places.

Project Team

Amrutha Dinesh, Dhanush K, Dharani G Sholapur
Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Raghavendra N
B N M Institute of Technology
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