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Throughout India, the accumulation of waste and trash in public places is a problem that needs to be addressed. Picking up and sorting garbage is a tedious task and has health effects on the people who handle the waste. To overcome this problem, a robot that seeks and picks up garbage from the public places and also segregates them into metallic, dry and wet waste has been proposed.
The proposed robot can put an end to accumulation of trash in public places and also improve waste management. Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan for a “Cleaner & Hygienic” India is the main motivation behind taking up this project. This project aims to reduce the human effort involved in picking up and segregating the waste (into dry, wet and metallic) by using Trashbot (a garbage seeking and segregating robot). Low -level waste management practices are now undergoing rapid change such that the technology and requirements for waste segregation in the near future may differ significantly from those of the present day.
Trashbot is a project still in its relative infancy. With its main motto “Cleanliness and Hygiene”, the robot has the capability to establish itself as a product that could not only clean the surroundings, but also aid the processes of waste management.

Project Team

Mohamed Safeeulla, Shashank T, Suparna Bose, Sushmitha M
Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Smt. Madhu, Smt. Savitha
B N M Institute of Technology
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