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Design and Development of a Compact Waste Shredder Machine


The unwanted solid waste materials obtained from human activities in residential, industrial or in commercial areas adversely affect environmental ecosystem due to inappropriate disposal of solid waste which pollutes soil, air and water. In this regard, for effective solid waste processing, waste shredders can be utilised in recycling applications. These machines can considerably reduce the volume of wastes that differ in dimensions, weight and composition to uniform shape and sizes for efficient processing, storing and ease transportation issues. The objective of this project is to design and develop a compact waste shredder machine with high reliability and efficiency for shredding the solid waste viz. plastics, thin metal strips, twigs and wood ranging from macro to micro size and thereby to reduce the transportation and further processing (recycling) issues.

Project Team

Akash R S, Sanjay B Y, Santosh M, Srinivasan H
Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Hemanth Kumar
B N M Institute of Technology
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