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Design and Fabrication of Eco-Friendly Device for CO2 Adsorption


Carbon dioxide is considered as a major contributor towards global warming. The amount of carbon dioxide from automobiles is approximately 65%, which is more than any other sources of emissions. Automobile vehicle engine exhaust after treatment design has become very important because exhaust emissions standards are ever increasing.
In this work, an attempt was made to capture CO2 emission from automobile exhaust using Activated carbon. The concept of physical adsorption by Van der walls forces of attraction, CO2 found to be adsorbed on the surface of activated carbon.
This device is nothing but an extension of the silencer. The device contains mainly bio degradable materials such as coconut coir, activated charcoal, corn cob etc. Final results obtained shows that considerable amount of HC, CO, and CO2 gets reduced. Activated carbon found to be a suitable one for CO2 capture from engine exhaust and it has great scope to be implemented in a vehicle exhaust system.

Project Team

Roshan Raj K, Yogesh N, M Tejas, Chetan Prasad S
Mechanical Engineering


Dr.B S Prathibha, Ms. Shwethashree B
B N M Institute of Technology
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