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Solar Smart Bench


In present busy life, rechargeable batteries of electronic gadgets like smart phones & laptops drain faster due to excessive usage and it is difficult to recharge them on the go. More over everybody cannot afford an additional battery source / Pack.
We are designing a modern smart bench which absorbs the abundantly available natural photovoltaic green energy in DC form and store it in a Battery pack. This energy is converted it to AC form as and when required, for utilization. The smart bench also offers lighting system in addition to charging source. The bench is designed to offer a comfortable seating accommodation for four persons for quick relaxation while charging the devices.
It is a smart-designed bench that enables all people to charge their devices. Anyone can relax on this bench, enjoy 4G Internet and simultaneously charge their phone or tablet. It functions solely on clean solar energy; this energy gets stored and is available to you 24/7. Working, studying, or just relaxing, it can all be done on this modern bench that features both wireless chargers and USB ports.

Project Team

Aishwarya M, Gomathi S N, Hrishikesh Bhat, Madhukeshwar Maalige
Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Smt. Champa P N
B N M Institute of Technology
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