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Detachable Smart Faucet

Water management and safe sanitation are key challenges in today’s world, and efforts are being made to overcome this challenge. In order to avoid water crisis, we should design and contribute to innovative and life changing products which will help billions of people lead a healthy lifestyle. Automatic faucets have the advantage of shutting off automatically after washing hand, thereby reducing wastage of water. There is a necessity to develop a smart faucet that monitors water consumption and is detachable, affordable, and hygienic and user friendly. This project aims at developing an embedded system, ‘Detachable Smart Faucet’ that monitors and controls the water flow through faucets and uploads the water consumption data to a database that is accessible by the user. The smart faucets presently available in market are quite expensive and are easily not affordable. Also the entire existing tap setup has to be changed in order to install the automatic faucet which incurs additional cost. The proposed design overcomes these drawbacks and provides additional features.

Project Team

Raghavendra D S, Rishabh Bhansali, Vishnu Prasad Bhat
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr.Jyoti R Munavalli, Mrs.Sumati
B N M Institute of Technology
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