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CO2 Scrubber


When in a crowded room that is poorly ventilated for prolonged periods one would find it difficult to breathe, and the temperature of the room would also be higher thus it would be very uncomfortable. This is caused due to the accumulated Carbon-di-Oxide and Water Vapor released from the breath. Often installing an Air Conditioning device is costly, bulky and is a difficult process.
Our solution is a device that can absorb CO2 and water vapor from air, that is compact, cheap and aesthetically pleasing, which can also be installed quickly. This will reduce the concentration of those gases making it easier to breathe while trying to keep the temperature from rising. Our device named “CO2 Scrubber” or “COSber system” has integrated sensors to measure the concentration of the absorbing material and the concentration of CO2 gas before and after absorption.
This helps in notifying the user to replace the absorbing material when the limit of absorption is reached. The nature of this material is that it has an affinity to specifically absorb CO2 and water vapor although the latter in smaller amounts. Thus the COSber system can be scaled up or down depending on the application from a small poorly ventilated room to large industrial scale for controlling the concentration of gases released into the atmosphere to Geo-engineering in a particular process called CO2 Sequestering.

Project Team

Sankarshan S, Vighnesh Nandavar
Mechanical Engineering


Mr.Karthik S R
B N M Institute of Technology
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