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We live in an era of skyscrapers. The maintenance has always been a tedious, uneconomical, unsafe task, which is performed only by professionals. These problems in the present scenario, made a necessity of a product like PLECO, as the famous saying goes “necessity is mother of invention. Pleco is totally unmanned, economical, environmental friendly, safe, smart, viable product which is used in grooming the skyscrapers effectively.
On an average a building like U. B city spends approximately around 4 lakhs for cleaning only the glasses each time. Pleco can perform the same tasks at 0.0025% of the amount spent previously (aprox 1-1.5 k) and safe as no human involvement is need at higher altitudes of the building. The design is such that it performs skill based tasks like foam washing, dirt removal, polishing and many more, by climbing the walls with a working range of more than one kilo meter. Pleco sticks to the wall using suction or adhesion created by ducted fans (4500kv). It can also be controlled manually using N. R. F aurdino nano rc receiver transmitter circuits in case of emergency.
The product is designed in such a manner that it automatically gets charged when it reaches certain threshold voltage, in the nearest station installed at every floor. At the first stage the brushes rotate and remove the dirt accumulated on the glass. It remains still for a longer time at the places where the dirct accumulation is more so that it cleans it better. Hence the reflected ir rays will slightly vary in magnitude, if the dirt concentration is less, then the glass appears semi transparent hence only little amount of ir rays is reflected back. In such places the product will move smoothly without delay.With safety as our theme, the risk and danger for the labors life working at higher altitudes is precluded.

Project Team

Syed Abrar, Swathi M, Kushal S
Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Mrs. Priyashree S, Mr. Sujith T
B N M Institute of Technology
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