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Smart Water Purification Using Bio Adsorbant


India is facing water crisis and it is necessary to critically consider approaches to treat water so that it is suitable for use. The Proposed method of water treatment aims to remove pollutants from the water. Reverse osmosis is one of the oldest and most popular separation techniques used mainly for the purification of water.
The process was mainly adopted for desalination of seawater in the year 1950, where the whole process was relatively slow and limited to certain laboratories. While reverse osmosis technology is one of humanity’s important scientific innovations, we will develop a basic understanding of the whole process here on this page. It works by forcing water through a special fine membrane to eliminate impurities that may not be visible to the naked eye.
These membranes remove impurities based on their size and shape. This means that particles larger than water molecules cannot pass through the filter. The membrane blocks harmful chemicals and contaminants such as pesticides, viruses, microorganisms, ions, and bacteria, amongst others.

Project Team

Mohammed Ishaq Sharieff, Jayalakshmi D G, Reetha G P, Shaik Riyaz UR Roshan
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. Bindu S , Dr.Prathiba
B N M Institute of Technology
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