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Money Bin


One of the biggest problems in India is maintaining cleanliness in the surroundings, especially at public places. There are several dustbins in public places such as railway stations and parks. However, in many instances, littering continues to pose a serious problem. Our idea is to provide a small incentive/reward for each person who contributes to the program by using the product, Money Bin.
The incentives motivate public to use the dustbins at public places, thereby reducing the littering. The project Money Bin consists android application, RFID mechanism and a compartment used for segregation of the waste disposed. On successful disposal, points are awarded to the users. The users’ account details and rewards earned are stored in Firebase cloud database for further retrieval of information. The two major problem in India regarding waste disposal is the lack of usage of dustbins in public places and collection of plastic waste when uncollected poses serious problems to the environment. To address the first problem, we have come up with a reward based system to give the user incentives every time he/she uses the dustbin.
This we hope will encourage the public to use dustbin more frequently. To address the second problem, we have designed a compartment that fits in between two dustbins that automatically segregates the waste disposed into plastic and non plastic waste. Thereby, aiming for a cleaner India and educating the citizens to keep their surroundings clean.

Project Team

Manu K J, Murudeshwar Barole, Nama Venkata Nagasukesh, Nihaarika A Jagadish
Computer Science Engineering


Dr.Sejal Santosh Nimbhrokar, Shraddha P
B N M Institute of Technology
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