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Human Energy Harnessing using Bicycle


Human Energy Harnessing is the process of extraction of energy from human beings using physical work. One of the processes used to achieve this is the Pedal Power Generation. This technology harnesses energy from power exerted from pedaling a bicycle and can be used to generate electricity or operate mechanical devices. Thus considerable amount of energy while pedaling can be harvested effectively using simple battery charging circuits.
The main aim of the pedalite project is to design a source of lighting that is reliable and durable and can be used to light up homes or schools in areas that are un electrified. The objective of the project is to design a non-conventional, electro-mechanical based energy storage system. To generate and save power as well as motivate people to maintain a healthy life. To electrify the parts of the country which still have no access to electricity, switch over to battery driven bicycle or normal mode of transportation.
This is the best way of power generation having less environmental impact. In this project human energy is used as the source to generate power by pedaling bicycle, which in-turn gives mechanical energy and this mechanical energy is converted into electricity through permanent magnet DC generator.

Project Team

Nayana R, Roshan S, Sushanth Kumar
Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Dr. Parimala R V, Dr. Venkatesha K
B N M Institute of Technology
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