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Automated driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for Truck


Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are primarily focused on collision avoidance technologies. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are intelligent systems that reside inside the vehicle and assist the main driver in a variety of ways. ADAS has the potential to optimize safety and efficiency in road traffic. ADAS uses sensors in the vehicle to perceive the world around it, and then either provides information to the driver or takes automatic action based on what it perceives. These systems may be used to provide vital information about Objects ahead, Blind spots, lane deviation. These systems are also used to judge the fatigue and distraction of the human driver and thus make precautionary alerts or to assess the driving performance and make suggestions regarding the same. These systems can take over the control from the human on assessing any threat, perform easy tasks or difficult maneuvers. This enables exchange of information for better vision, localization, planning and decision making of the vehicles.

Project Team

Asheesh Malviya, Sahil Sinha, Shreya Singh, Sheetal R.Swamy
Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Dr. A. Kumar
B N M Institute of Technology
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