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Design and Development of ARIA-I an IoT based processing line for Acrylic Cutting


We see acrylic parts everywhere we go. For example, signage of various brands, mobile display stands, product showcases, mini-LED product advertisement stands, snacks display, bakery display stands and so on.
Traditionally, these products are laser cut after which it is sent to workers where they heat it and bend it manually or using semi-automatic heating coils that assist in bending. Currently in the market there is a high demand for precise laser cut components and precise bending of laser cut components and so far, it is being done manually or using semi-automatic bending machines. Providing a fully automatic acrylic bending machine which will not only give precise output but also that will have unique UI and UX features for machine operation will be a huge add on to the acrylic processing industry.
Hence, to bridge the gap between customer requirement and easing of work for the industries, a fully automatic IoT based processing line for Acrylic Bending will surely play a vital role.

Project Team

Pranav S V, Abhay Sharma Nihal M Sheik, Sneha Sarika Gowda
Mechanical Engineering


Dr.B.S.Anil Kumar
B N M Institute of Technology
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