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System And Method For Image Analysis-CCTV Footage Surveillance


Nowadays it has become necessary to develop an automated system to monitor activities in the campus of schools / colleges that alert unusual activities to the authorities concerned. Apart from schools/colleges, this system can be implemented in public places, corporate companies, etc. to ensure the security of all people, especially women.
Installing such systems in public transportation is of utmost need as people do not feel sage to travel in the night. In our system, action based features are analyzed in order to generate a static video summary by condensing the live CCTV footage. If deviant behavior such as stabbing, theft, murder, etc., is detected, then the central system initiates a trigger to send an alert message to the concerned authorities.
Video summarization is a vital process that facilitates well organized storage, quick browsing and retrieval of large collection of data without losing important aspects.

Project Team

Raksha H, Ankitha S, Namitha G
Computer Science Engineering


Dr. Sejal Santosh Nimbhorkar
B N M Institute of Technology
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