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Design and Development of ARIA-II: An IOT based processing line for Acrylic Bending


The fabrication of flexible sensors from metalized polymer films and their subsequent utilization for environmental applications. Polyethylene terephthalate films coated with thin film of aluminum was used as a singular material to form the sensor patches. Optimization was done on the laser parameters to form laser-inscribed interdigitated electrodes on the aluminum side of the polymer films.
The sensitivity, limit of detection and response time of the salts were 0.874 Ω/ppm, 0.1 ppm and one second, respectively. The repeatability of the sensors was also tested to validate their responses for the target analyst. An optimal frequency was chosen to form an IoT-based system that consisted of an impedance analyzer AD 5933, Wi-Fi embedded Arduino and 2:1 multiplexer ADG849. Automated and Robotics with Industrial Application (implementation on Acrylic) project is to create fully automatic Smart Processing Lane for small scale industries.

Project Team

Surya K, Balaji S, Shreyas R.
Electronics and Communication Engineering


B N M Institute of Technology
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