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The current crisis forces us to question these habits and to enter a new digital era where physical contact with certain objects must be reduced to a minimum. Therefore, there is a need for a fully contactless way of interacting with kiosks in public spaces which will not only supplement business but also not compromise on customers’ stipulations. Hand gesture is a useful interaction tool between human and electronic devices. It can be used with smart phones, computers, robots, smart rooms, and infotainment systems.
While speech recognition allows a complete approach for transmitting information, it is still quite complex for machines and humans to grasp. A child is usually able to understand and imitate many signs long before his or her first words. A fully contactless kiosk doesn’t require a user to touch the screen or input devices to interact; it uses gesture control powered by hand tracking and mid-air hepatics to interact with the public screens. We propose a device that uses hand gesture recognition for computer mouse control.
We have developed a device that recognizes hand gestures using the PAJ Gesture Sensor. Each gesture is mapped to a specific mouse control to change the position of the mouse on screen and the mouse click function. The mouse cursor control will be achieved using an external device that interprets some hand gestures and then turns the recognized gestures into operating system commands that control the mouse actions on the computer display screen.

Project Team

Swetha Holla U, Greeshmaa S, Sri Haripriya Rai, Nagaraksha N
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. Rashmi S Bhaskar
B N M Institute of Technology
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