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FakeOut: Revolutionizing Currency Security and Accessibility for All


Steps to create the prototype : 1. Implement a dependable and effective system that can accurately identify counterfeit currency notes through cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, image recognition, and haptic feedback. 2. Develop a smartphone application that uses image recognition technology to help blind or visually challenged individuals identify the denomination of banknotes, thereby promoting financial inclusion and independence. 3. Incorporate tactile indicators on banknotes that are easy to recognize and differentiate by blind people. 4. Promote public awareness campaigns to educate citizens about the risks of using counterfeit currency and how to identify genuine banknotes.

Project Team

Ajitesh kumarsoni, Sreyansh Baranwal, Ajitesh kumarsoni, Sreyansh Baranwal
Computer Science Engineering


Dr. Sheba Selvam, Prof.Priyanka Padki
B N M Institute of Technology
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