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FITQUA : Digital Water Bottle


Objective is to design the world’s smartest water bottle which can notify the user to stay hydrated and to maintain the temperature of the water according to the needs of the user. Most of the available products in the market are not able to regulate the temperature of water and are not affordable or less user friendly.
It is difficult to control temperature of liquid along with the portability, current smart water bottles can only maintain the temperature up to few hours but cannot change the temperature to users need. Application will take input from the user for example body weight, calories intake of day, calories burn in a day or the medicine to be taken (approximate value), the input data will be converted into useful information regarding the amount of water individual need to intake in a day with the time notification and reminder to take medicine.

Project Team

Saif Ali Zaidi, Madem Naga Akshai, Mohammed Kaif, Abhay R
Information Science Engineering


Prof. Jamuna Murthy
B N M Institute of Technology
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