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Intellicopter – A Rescue Drone


Heavy rains and natural disasters cause accident prone areas and high-altitude regions to be highly difficult for humans to explore, and during a rescue mission in these regions, stranded humans and animals may be difficult to locate due to poor accessibility. The capability of Intellicopter to gain high attitude and capture information about any region, makes it highly viable for Rescue Missions. Intellicopter provides a bird eye’s view of any situation.
Where the roads are blocked, the region is inaccessible for surveillance on foot, Intellicopter is able to survey the region effectively. The Intellicopter uses GPS Sensor in order to hold its position during flight, to aid stability. The on-board gyroscope and accelerometer add stability to the flight, and establishment of 4G connectivity between Intellicopter and Base makes it possible to stream video over greater distance easily, conveying the right kind of information required for rescue teams to operate efficiently. The Video transferred is processed to recognize the objects and feature extraction takes place.
There are certain steps for preprocessing that is applies to the images; concepts of Image Conversions such as color space manipulation, segmentation, edge detection, and image morphology etc. are applied to the image to detect Humans in the frame. When a desirable object is recognized, then an appropriate alarm message containing the approximate information relating to the object can be featured on a security warning system – among other ideas, which are beyond the scope of this particular project.

Project Team

Nishanth P.M, Tanish Islam
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr.Yasha jyothi, Ms. Priya Sankpal
B N M Institute of Technology
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