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IoT based Smart Farming


Agriculture is the most important profession in India. Agriculture is the source of livelihood for most Indians of rural origin. Smart irrigation contributes to the development of agricultural countries. In India, agriculture accounts for 16% of GDP and 10% of exports. The main goal of this project is to develop an automated irrigation system using a Node MCU board that can be remotely monitored over the internet from website.
Currently conventional pump switches are located in different parts of the agriculture land which makes it difficult for the user to go near them to operate and physically present on those areas even more difficult for elderly or physically challenged people to do so. Controlled irrigation automation system provides a most modern solution for those people who want to do agriculture without physically being present there.
Along with this, we use a soil sensor to detect whether the soil is dry or wet through an IOT module for watering the soil where the software is connected to the water pump.

Project Team

Keerthana M, Lalana Nagraj, Lavanya U
Computer Science Engineering


Prof. Raghavendra C K
B N M Institute of Technology
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