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Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines


In mechanics, kinematics is the study of the motion of objects without regard to the forces that cause the motion. Dynamics is the study of how forces affect the motion of objects. Kinematics can be used to determine how a machine will move under given conditions.
Dynamics can be used to determine what forces are required to produce a given amount of movement. In other words, kinematics is concerned with describing motion, while dynamics is concerned with explaining why motion occurs. Kinematics and dynamics are often studied together, as they are both necessary for a complete understanding of the behaviour of machines. Usually students of Mechanical Engineering find it very difficult to visualize the concept of Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines even though they are shown the working model in the Lab.
Center of Excellence at BNMIT tries to solve the above issue with the help of Ray Vector Technologies-an AR VR company. The ARVR Model of Kinematics and Dynamics helps the students understand the following in a visual manner :

• Basics of machines, mechanisms, kinematic links and joints.
• Mobility of a Mechanism and Calculating the Degrees of Freedom.
• Inversions of a Four-bar Chain and Grashof’ s Law.
• Inversions of a single slider crank chain – Quick Return Motion
• Mechanisms, Rotary and Oscillating Cylinder Engine, Hand-Pump.

Project Team

Tejas V, Venika V, Sechana B Kinnara
Mechanical Engineering


Dr.AnilKumar, Dr.Shivalingappa, Dr.Vijayashree L
B N M Institute of Technology
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