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Obstacle Detection For The Blind


The inability to perceive objects around oneself is the most disastrous things that could happen to a person. This also eradicates the ability of the person to move around by themselves in known localities and environments.
Over the span of the last decade, several types of devices have been designed to help the visually impaired move around in different kinds of environments. However, these systems haven’t proved to be efficient in all scenarios, such as in cases involving objects above the waist level. This paper aims to develop an obstacle detection device that helps the visually impaired in the form of a mobility aid.
The designed model detects the closest obstacle using the sonar principle and in turn generates a vibro-tactile feedback that alerts the user about the direction of the object.

Project Team

Suraj D M, Varun A Prasad, Sudhanva G Hebbale, Shwetha L
Computer Science Engineering


Dr.Sahana D Gowda, Ms.Priyanka S
B N M Institute of Technology
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