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Pi Skate – An Electric Skateboard


Environmental protection and energy conservations are the main concern of 21st century which has now accelerated the pace to plan and develop electric vehicle technology. The electric vehicles (EVs) offer a zero emission, new automobile industry establishment, and economic development, efficient and smart transportation system. This project having a foot-controlled steering system to control the vehicle easily. It designed to reduce the effort of a rider to drive skateboard easily. Currently the permanent magnet brushless direct current motors are the present choice of automobile industries and researchers because of its high-power density, compact size, reliability, and noise free and minimum maintenance requirements. The objective of this project to improve the driving mode of skateboard on off road condition by electric wheels on the board and to reduces the effort of skateboard even on uphill area and to design it with acceleration control to improve the usability of the skateboard. Dependence on non renewable resources using latest technology. The implementation involves development of E-board that runs on battery as well as manual propulsion of vehicle

Project Team

Sreenidhi, Sujith, Sri Krishna, Swastik Kela
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Dr. Basavaraj Neelgar
B N M Institute of Technology
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