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Plug and Play cubicles


Plug and play cubicles is a project known for it’s unique, cost-effective, reusable, and compact design. It contains the main hub, a central cuboids containing raspberry pi around which sensors can be ‘plugged’ in. Any sensor can be made functional by just plugging into the main cubicle. The uniqueness is its flexibility to adapt too many sensors which is achieved through its design. The project contains a mobile application which can control the sensors that are to be activated. Currently, our project detects gas and alerts the user, detects motion, calculates the temperature and humidity. The collected data is displayed on a platform called ‘thingspeak’ in the form of a GUI and can be viewed on the phone as well.

Project Team

Rakshith Mahishi, Soma Charan Sai, Praneeth Kumar T, Rohan Sujay, Prajwal R, Param S
Computer Science Engineering


Dr.Sahana D Gowda
B N M Institute of Technology
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