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Pneumatic Bumper And Braking System


The technology of pneumatics has gained tremendous importance in the field of workplace rationalization and automation. A pneumatic system is a system that uses compressed air to transmit and control energy. Our project “Pneumatic bumper and breaking system” is used to protect the vehicle from accident. This project consists of ultrasonic sensor, Control Unit, Pneumatic bumper system. The ultrasonic sensor is used to detect the obstacle. If there is any obstacle closer to the vehicle, the control signal is given to the bumper activation system. Vehicle speed is sensed by the proximity sensor and signal is given to the control unit and pneumatic bumper activation system.
The ultrasonic circuit is to transmit the ultrasonic rays. If any obstacle is there in a path, the ultra-sonic rays are reflected. These reflected ultrasonic rays are received by the receiver. The receiver circuit receives the reflected rays and giving the control signal to the control circuit. The control circuit is used to activate the solenoid valve. As the solenoid valve gets activated, the compressed air passes through the Pneumatic Cylinder and both the bumper & breaking system gets actuated simultaneously.
In our project we are using the Ultrasonic sensor instead of IR sensor which increases the range of detection. We are also introducing City & Highway mode by incorporating with speed limit of 40-50 km/hour above which bumper and breaking actuation will take place.

Project Team

Prem Kumar, Vikas Kumar, Vishnu, Aditya Kumar, Omkar Kumar
Mechanical Engineering


Dr. B.S.Anil Kumar, Mr. Madhu P
B N M Institute of Technology
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