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Semi Automatic Screen-Printing Machine


The currently available Screen-printing machines are mostly made outside India and do not have warranty period for the product or services for the same which makes it difficult for the end user to adapt, utilize and make the best use of the product.
Usually there are 3 kinds of screen-printing machines. First one being a manual screen-printing machine, second one being a semi-automatic screen-printing machine and lastly a fully automatic screen-printing machine. But cost of the fully automatic screen-printing machines are not affordable for common people and small-scale industries.
So, our idea is to reduce the cost of the semi-automatic machine, improve the end user experience, have a machine that doesn’t require much space, provide free of cost training and have an effective customer service and feedback loop. Our machine uses a pneumatic control system for movement of the squeegee and the print bed alongside with stepper motor control system for having a variable print stroke length.
The machine also consists of a touch display for better user experience and an easy to learn user interface. The machine is also portable making it easy to store and use even for people who own small businesses or to work at home.

Project Team

Pranav S V, Prashanth M, Prateek M
Mechanical Engineering


Dr. B. S. Anil Kumar
B N M Institute of Technology
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