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According to The Insurance Information Bureau (IIB), of the over 23.12 crore vehicles on the road in India as of March 31, 2019, nearly 57 per cent were uninsured. Nearly 40% of vehicles ply on Indian roads without fitness certification and emission tests. the present system there is no continuous monitoring of the above-mentioned documents. It is hard to keep track of every document for both an RTO official and vehicle owner.
Our system provides systematic handling of vehicle documents in a periodic manner, so that the user and RTO can have a complete update about the insurance, emission, and fitness. This helps to bridge the gap between the RTO and the user. Once a new vehicle is purchased, the vehicle is taken to the RTO for registration. Our system will be designed and integrated with the infotainment system of the vehicle. The module will periodically check for the validity of the documents and the fastening of seat belts. If any document is found to be obsolete the user will be prompted with warnings. After a set number of warnings, the system will immobilize the vehicle. The RTO database and management system are implemented using MongoDB and Django. The module installed inside the vehicle is designed using Raspberry pi which connects to the internet using the embedded sim in the infotainment system of the vehicle.
The human intervention of the transport authority would be minuscule. This means that physical checking and processing of documents and data would be reduced. This system will help to maintain the rules and regulations once implemented and will result in the disciplined action of vehicles on the road. Provides one to one attention between the government and the users in the use of the vehicles.

Project Team

Franklin P, Darshith Karthikeyan, Abhishek C, Darshan B
Electronics and Communication Engineering


Mr. Chandrashekar C
B N M Institute of Technology
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