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Smart Heat Dissipation using 3D Scanning and processing of Computational Fluid Mechanics(CFM) for servers (3D Scanner)


In several electronic products that we make use in our day to day life starts to works slowly as it turns older. The processing capability of these products tends to become slower. This is usually caused because of more heat generated in the electronics and its inability to remove the heat from the system.
In any electronic products, the heat from the electronic components is elevated to the top area of the enclosures. In order to remove the heat on the top area, several design methodologies are used by different companies to optimise the heat dissipation. We make use of a 3D Scanner to identify the depth in a product of various components. Making use of this data to optimize the airflow path by Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we are able to calculate the Cubic Feet/Meter (cfm) at which the air has to flow and by controlling the fan speed we are making the systems to perform better.

Project Team

Mahesh V R, T Sai Prathyush
Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Anil Kumar, Dr. L. Vijayashree
B N M Institute of Technology
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